Jumbo Loans


What is a Jumbo Loan?

Jumbo Loans exceed the maximum loan amounts established by The Federal Housing Finance Agency’s (FHFA) annual conforming loan limits to a specific geographical area.


What are the Interest Rates on a Jumbo Loan?

Rates on Jumbo Loans are typically higher than High-Balance or Conforming Loans in general. However, whether the loan is Conforming, High-Balance or Jumbo, the Interest Rate is still based off of factors such as: Credit Score(s), Debt-to-Income & Loan-to-Value Ratios, Term of the Loan, and if the Rate Fixed, Adjustable or Interest Only.


Do Jumbo Loans require a bigger Down Payment?

No and Yes…

Percentage wise; Conforming, High-Balance or Jumbo: 20% down with a 80% loan-to-value is the same.  Dollar for Dollar: 20% of a $908,160 Single Family Residence in Orange County, CA is going be greater than 20% of a $605,440 SFR in in McLennan County, TX.

There are Jumbo Loans programs available that require as little as 5% down.


Why Get a Jumbo Loan?

Simply put “Some Homes Require A Jumbo Loan.”

Not only are Jumbo Loans are available on Purchases, they are also available on Rate & Term as well as Cash-Out Refinances.


Does Your Home Require a Jumbo Loan?

If you answered YES, all you need to do is Click Here !